My Mission

To make finished parts from drawings

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About Designs By Richard

Designs By Richard is a new way for me to offer my services, I love what I do and want to make that more available. In my quest to stop using what is called standard and make everything unique.


The main idea is to make simple drawings into complete worked out models or even physical parts.


The idea for DBR started in 2013 and early 2015 I took the step and made it reality, now I'm working on expanding my knowledge and possibilities.

About me

My name is Richard Prins, I'm a Dutch guy and I've always been interested how certain things were made and how they worked, thanks to that interest I first started to learn how to use 3D CAD, then I advanced by rendering my models.


Casemodding came into play at the same time, I wanted to customize my computer case and after I finished my first casemod I decided to mix my 3D CAD and my casemodding hobby.


Even though I work a lot on other people their idea's I also work on my own casemods and idea's and on this website I show everything that I worked on, personal and client projects.

About me